Why should I review my existing arrangements?


How can I be sure I have the most appropriate policy for my needs?

As you will see if you go to policy types, there are a few different policy types available in the Market. Underwriters are introducing a number of exciting new policy concepts and while not all these policies will be available to or suitable for you, Credit Insurance Brokers need to know what's available on the market so that we can tailor a solutions which best serves your needs. 

Is my current credit insurer providing the best cover available in the market?

Your broker should constantly throughout the policy term be advocating for you to get you the necessary coverage of the shortcoming of the insurance company.

At each renewal your Broker should establish if there are any shortfalls on cover and carry out a full market review to benchmark both price and cover so that you can be sure that your policy truly is the best cover at the best price.

How can I tell if my Broker is giving me the best service?

Your Broker should be constantly working with you in regards to getting you the proper coverages, making sure there are no gaps in coverages, making sure claims don't get past reporting dates, informing you of all the options available options, help making a claim, and demonstrating at renewal that your current arrangements are the best available with evidence of other Underwriter’s offers.